The SENTRI Multi-Contour Drilling Reamer Series

The SENTRI Drilling Reamer is a multi-contour drilling reamer with multiple lobes designed primarily to eliminate dog leg, key seats, improve cuttings removal from the borehole and reducing borehole rugosity.

The SENTRI comes in two variants. The SENTRI-D series, a dual contour concentric lobe configuration and the SENTRI-T, a trip-lobe eccentric lobe configuration designed as a dog leg reamer to eliminate the effects of micro-doglegs and ledges.

The SENTRI drilling reamer series provide a different value proposition compared to industry standard reamers. It is designed to reduce drilling torque, improve hole cleaning, its forced balanced blade/cutter design enhance reaming while extending the capabilities of the entire drill string/Bottom Hole Assembly.

The SENTRI drilling reamer series, as the name goes suggests, the tool is constantly on guard when needed. With over 20 runs in harsh, tough and challenging drilling environments thus far, the SENTRI tool has proven its self.

The SENTRI tool is available for 6-1/8 inch to 15-1/2 inch hole sections.

Concentric reamer sections can be designed for under-reaming operation. This is a customised option. Contact your nearest Geopro representative for more details.