9 5/8 inch (244.5 mm) GeoGLIDER™XTREME low footprint centralisers

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME A/P centraliser is made from cast Aluminum capable of friction factors as low as 0.25 in the field. A feat that has been repeated on several occasions. This is achieved due to the unique offset touch points incorporated into this 3 bladed solid/rigid body centralizer.

  • SKU: GGXA/P0962_1225

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The The GeoGLIDER™XTREME is a three-bladed solid rigid centralizer designed to minimise the contact area of the centralizer within the wellbore. The result is a total contact area of < 20% of the industry standard which helps in ensuring our low frictional losses when tripping casing, liner or completions in hole.

The cast Aluminium with no coating is denoted with the suffix A (GGXA) and when coated with PTFE it is denoted with a suffix, P (GGXP)

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