4-1/2 inch (114.3 mm) GeoproHYDRA™G1.9 for 6 - 6-1/4" inch (152.4 mm - 158.75 mm) hole

This 4.5 inch (114.3 mm) GeoproHYDRA™ has a GEN1.5 drive mechanism and GEN2 body design. It is configured for operation from 60 gpm - 400 gpm.

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The GeoproHYDRA™GEN1.9 is a high speed, low torque reaming solution that is hydraulically actuated. It is the ultimate solution for most reaming requirements where fluid circulation is required. The GEN1.9 tool comes with a more efficient body profile.

This system is capable of generating in excess of 600 ft-lbs of torque which is dependent on fluid rate, fluid weight and fluid viscosity.

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