The MRS™STAR concept is a true drilling optimization solution delivering multiple tool solutions in a single tool. It's features include acting as any of or a combination of all of the following tools:

  • Shock-Sub, by eliminating the frictional losses attributable to static stabilizers when slide drilling with motors. 
  • Agitator, by rotating the stator rather than the rotor. We also bore the rotor to eliminate or reduce the signal distortion usually associated with agitators when using some mud pulse telemetry MWD systems.
  • Active Gage Reamer once circulation is restored. This reduces string torque and drag losses and reduces hole rugosity with the higher rotational speeds incremental to that of the string.
  • Cuttings Bed Agitator. Once circulation is initiated the MRS™STAR will agitate cuttings and cuttings beds and push them into the mid stream of the circulating mud. This means better hole cleaning. It will also act as a more effective tool when reaming down or up (back-reaming). and should all but eliminate wiper trips and back-reaming activities in most drilling operations.
  • Stuck Pipe Mitigation Tool. Where the MRS™STAR is run as a trailing stabilizer or where pack-off occurs around the MRS™STAR, the localised torque generated is capable of creating a flowpath in the annulus once circulation is initiated. This could lead to significant savings by preventing stuck pipe incidents. This is the first tool designed primarily to reduce, mitigate against and eliminate stuck pipe occurrences.


The MRS™SuPREM is the first mud motor designed with the sole intention of delivering unsurpassed performance in high temperature wells. The MRS™SuPREM incorporates rubberless power section technology rated to < 500°F (260°C). The absence of elastomers means larger mandrels can be used resulting in much higher performance outputs. 

GeoFLEX Elastomeric Mud Motors

Geopro provides the industry with high performance downhole drilling motors with elastomeric power sections. These motors have been specifically designed for superior performance, longevity and durability. GeoFLEX motors can be deployed in water base mud or oil base mud systems.