SDR - STEALTH Drilling Reamer

Geopro's STEALTH Drilling Reamer (SDR) is designed to provide stabilisation, borehole reaming capability as well as improve drilling performance.

The SDR comes with 6 carefully machined elevations on the body of the tool, upon which different types of  cutters may be infused. The standard tool comes with elevated blocks with dome cutters on the top and PDC cutters on the leading face of the blade(s). The blades are 60 degrees offset radially. Each blade is about 8" long and 3 inches wide on the standard tool and subsequent blades overlap by about 2" overlap providing an active face of 36 inches or 3 feet, which is equivalent to a single blade on a standard spiral blade stabiliser.

Features & Benefits of the SDR
  • Better flow by area, and thus less pressure drop/ lower ECDs compared to conventional stabilisers and reamers.
  • Force balanced cutters and cutter placement for more efficient reaming action.
  • Reinforced hard-facing incorporating torque reduction features.
  • Smooth torque transmission and minimum localised torque generation.
  • Lower frictional losses due to much lower contact area.
  • Reduced and more balanced side force distribution.
  • Better transfer of weight to bit for drilling.
  • Can be machined for non-magnetic applications.
  • Better suited to eliminate/reduce key seats, micro doglegs and ledges.
  • Will enhance wellborn cleanup and agitation of cuttings in the borehole.

The STEALTH Drilling Reamer is available for deployment in hole sizes ranging from 5-5/8 inch - 17-1/2 inches and in collars sizes from 4 inches to 11-1/4 inches.

The STEALTH Drilling Reamer is a compact