The REACTv™ Sub is an in-situ fluid activated stabilised accentuated reamer (STAR). It is the ultimate drilling assurance system delivering benefits that will otherwise require up to 4 different downhole tool technologies.

The REACTv Sub is a drilling solution specifically designed to improve drilling efficiency by reducing dependency on multiple wiper trips, back-reaming while ensuring better weight transfer to the bit. The REACTv Sub is unique. It incorporates a mud-cooled bearing system that deliver up to 6,000 ft-lbs of torque through the precisely designed stabilizer blades. The REACTv Sub is fluid activated thus can be activated without rotating the string. Additional torque can be transferred to the tool by rotating the drill string.

The REACTv Sub is based on reverse inverse Moineau system designed for the drilling environment. It provides crews on rigs with limited hydraulic and torsional power the ability to combat hole problems such as tight spots, swelling shales or wellbore collapse without the need to significantly vary surface operating parameters.

The REACTv Sub actuates with circulation. When fluid is circulated up to the threshold flow rate, the external sleeve starts to rotate clockwise looking downwards. This rotation is irrespective of the rotation of the drill string. The sub is self torque-generating due to the drive mechanism that generates significant localised torque and subsequent rotation of the body of the tool. 

  • This family of tools enablse drilling teams to ream in andout of hole without string rotation making it the ultimate ream-ing solution for tight spots, hole pack-offs, swelling shales, andall manner of wellbore instability related issues.
  • Due to its unique internal power generation this tool will contribute lesser torque to the string in drilling mode that regular reamers or stabilisers.
  • String rotation can be used to increase the available torque at the blades for more efficient rock destruction and deformation.
  • Due to its offset dynamics and harmonics it is expected to reduce stick slip or drill string vibra-tions.
  • It is bored in the centre to ensure better signal transfer for telemetry systems that require to communicate using the internal fluid medium in the drill string.It will act as a conventional stabiliser as well as a reamer.

The REACTv Sub is available for collar sizes from 4.75" to 11.25" and designed for use as an integral component of the drill string in all BHA configurations. Multiple REACTv Subs can be run with the same drill string