MRS™ - Motorized Reamer Shoe System

The MRS™ is a purpose built motorized casing reamer shoe system. It is arguably the most powerful hydraulically actuated casing reaming solution in the market and generates torque in excess of 4 times the closest rival making it capable and suitable for casing while drilling operations. The MRS™ can be provided as a standard system (with nose/casing bit rotation only) or as a PRO version (with the entire body of the tool rotating). In the standard version the rotor is allowed to rotate with circulation respective to the stator conventionally. In the PRO version the stator is rotated in preference to the rotor which is static. The PRO version is designed for longer reach horizontal wells where the weight of the tool could lead to excessive drag, string hangup or buckling and rotating the tool reduces the likelihood of that occurring.

MRS™STAR - Stabilized Accentuated Reamer

The MRS™STAR is a drilling assurance system that is designed to improve drilling performance and eliminate, reduce or mitigate against a wide range of drilling related risks.

SuPREM - Superior Performance Rubberless Enthalpic Mud Motor Series

The SuPREM is the first positive displacement mud motor series designed specifically for high temperature operations. The Metal-2-Metal power section is rated to temperatures in excess of 450 °F (232 °C).

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