The GeoproHYDRA™ nGX™ RAPID comes with a completely redesigned drive RAPID-Quick-Drill™ drive mechanism, nGX-XTREME™ bearings, our proprietary self-cleaning and anti-jamming bearing system and our proprietary 2S-Lock™ weight enabled locking mechanism that ensures the tool is in locked position when you start the drill out operation, ensuring successful drill out operations in wet shoe conditions.

The RAPID-Quick-Drill™ internal components comprise primarily of reinforced composites rated to 150 kips WOB with strengths that match or surpass that of conventional Aluminum 6061-T6 alloy, that are also easy to drill through while having all the other benefits of the standard all metal GeoproHYDRA™ nGX™. 

The GeoproHYDRA™ nGX™ RAPID ensures you are able to land your completion, casing and liner strings on bottom every time. Drill out operations is now achievable in under 20 minutes, even with the tool cemented.