The GeoproHYDRA™ is capable of rotary speeds in excess of 1000 RPMs and continues to function during cement placement. Thus eliminating the need for casing/liner rotation or reciprocation during cementing operations. The cyclone-like effect created by the high-speed rotation of the tool ensures uniform radial deposition of fluid such as cement around the well-bore including the low side of the hole in horizontal or highly deviated boreholes. The result is good cement sheath across the entire annulus of the shoe track which in most cases satisfies the drill ahead condition where applicable. This also makes any requirement for remediation easier.

The nGX comes with a stackable, scalable drive mechanism. The nGX drive ensures tools are configurable for a wide operating envelope and borehole conditions.

Features & Benefits

  • Low operating pressures making the nGX system appropriate for running delicate, pressure sensitive  completion strings
  • Zero stall pressures. All flow paths are open to flow even if tool ceases to function/rotate
  • Infinitely customisable. Stackable drive system enables configuration for wide range of applications
  • The entire tool rotates
  • Choice of cutting structure on the Nose Housing or the Stabilized Housing
  • LCM tolerance
  • Quick drill out: typically < 60 minutes

The GeoproHYDRA™ nGX is available up to 20 inch casing

The GeoproHYDRATM is patent pending in the following jurisdictions/countries: 

USA, Russia & CIS, Malaysia (nGX), Thailand (nGX), GCC and the United Kingdom

The GeoproHYDRATM is patent has been awarded in Nigeria (2019) covering the entire ECOWAS region