GeoproHYDRA™ FAMILY - The ULTRA High Speed Reamer Shoe System

GeoproHYDRA™ FAMILY - The ULTRA High Speed Reamer Shoe System

The entire GeoproHYDRA™ tool rotates uniformly as a single unit. All GeoproHYDRA™ systems are hydraulically actuated and require fluid circulation to activate. Achievable rotational speeds are in excess of 1000 RPMs in all sizes, while the MPT (multi-purpose tools), designed specifically for through tubing wellbore cleanup operations, with diameters ≤ 3½ inch (88.9 mm), achieve rotational speeds in excess of 5000 RPMs.

The GeoproHYDRA™ is now available only in the nGX configuration. nGX represents our GEN2X drive mechanism configured to provide optimum performance at significantly lower circulating rates. The nGX configuration has all the benefits of the GEN2X drive system but improves torque and RPM by up to 214%. 

The "n" signifies the number of gear clutches implored in the configuration. The "X" signifies a high degree of customisation for different scenarios such as loss circulation -content and type, etc. A feature only available with the GeoproHYDRA™.

Pressure drop across the system is low with little or no back/stall pressure making the GeoproHYDRA™ the ideal tool for running delicate completions strings through unconsolidated formations where reaming is required. 

The GEN2X system significantly extends the torque output by up to 8 times, raising the torque output by the GeoproHYDRA™ to the lower thresholds of the MRS™. This improvement has enabled more cutting structure to be included on the GeoproHYDRA™ with a redesigned nose profile and a reamer housing blade profile that improves flow by area by over 40%.