GeoMOLE Static Reamer Shoes

The GeoMOLE static reamer shoe is essentially our GeoproHYDRA reamer section without the drive mechanism. It builds on the successes of the GeoproHYDRA by adopting features that are proven designed for torque reduction, hence the use of TCIs as against PDC cutters or crushed carbide hard-facing like most other market offerings as these generate torque by virtue of their cutting action (PDC) or just by design (crushed carbide).

PDC shaped cutters may be used in preference to TCIs.

The GeoMOLE can be customised to customer requirements and can be supplied with single or dual float


The GeoMOLE 700 series for 8 inch holes is PDC drillable and designed to meet or surpass casing

specifications for burst, collapse or tensile limits.

GeoMOLE 700 Series Static Reamer Shoe for 8 3/8" (212.7 mm) -

8-3/4" (222.3 mm) Holes



Low overall reaming torque

dual cutting position: nose cone (C) and Stabilised Housing (A).