DRILFix Casing Motors

The DRILFix motor is a unique tool pioneering the advent of drilling with casing with a PDM  system. The DRILFix motor is a complete mud motor system with drill through capabilities. 

The DRILFix motor can be configured for a wide range of applications from simple high torque casing deployment to drilling with casing applications. It has been designed for the most challenging well conditions and geology where extensive reaming, wiper tripping and remediation is carried out historically and casing or completion deployment is challenging and daunting. The DRILFix motor system is arguably the most powerful reaming solution available to the industry today with drill through designs available for select sizes. It uses an industry first rubberless power-section technology allowing the use of larger mandrels to meet drill through requirements and improve tool performance. The power section is rated to over 450°F (232°C) and generates more than twice as much torque as the closest competitor tools. The rotor is completely hollow in the drill through system whilst the surfaces of the stator and rotor are coated with a special abrasion resistance coating that helps create bounce and a seal. This superior torque of the DRILFix motor system is capable of generating drilling torque enough to drive casing bits and power is scalable from short to extended length power section.