GeoproHYDRA™ nGX - The ULTRA High Speed Reamer Shoe System

The GeoproHYDRA™ is the ULTIMATE rotating shoe solution for different hole conditions and environments for oil and gas drilling operations. The GeoproHYDRA™ was initially designed as a low torque, high speed reamer shoe systems. After several modifications we are able to generate sufficiently high torque at relatively low flow rates with new nGX system.

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A unique 3-bladed casing centralizer that allows strings to be worked through borehole restrictions a lot easier than what is readily available in the industry while still providing ultra-low friction factors.

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DRILFix Drilling with Casing Mud Motors

The DRILFix casing motor technology is a purpose built solution for drilling with casing. Initially conceived in 2012 this technology is now available for 9-5/8" and 13-5/8" applications.

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CASEPro Bits

CASEPro bits are fixed cutter bits designed specifically for the DRILFix casing motors.


Geopro provides two exceptionally active loss circulation systems - GeoBLITZ and GeoSQUEEZE

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