Repair & Maintenance

Opti-GRiD wants to know how your tools perform in the field so that it can help you monitor and improve them. Allowing field data to be captured, along with other operational metrics, GRiD hosts various intelligence and geomatics tools for engineers and operations professionals to analyze. Being able to flag an item that nears its MTBF threshold, including both top-level assemblies and serialized sub-components, allows businesses to forecast and avoid potential tool failures.

  • Create jobs and child performance elements (run)
  • Reference to customer, location, and various job details
  • Interactive Mapping showing deployment location
  • Record performance metrics including start date, end date, operation type, depths (if applicable), hours of utilization, power section details, fluid and hydraulics details, directional details, BHA configuration, formation profiles
  • Track utilization hours for top-level assemblies and serialized sub-components
  • Detailed MTBF analysis on part number, individual or combination of serialized items, or selected runs
  • Classify Jobs by status (i.e. active, scheduled, on-hold, cancelled, etc)
  • Manage onsite resources / billable time
  • Resettable serialized inventory timers
  • Configurable 'tripometers' with operational hours or time-based alerts and notifications
  • Assign multiple tools to each run
  • Export data to Microsoft Excel®
  • Store related documents in the cloud