The MRS STAR is a unique concept designed specifically to improve drilling efficiency. It is a major step in reduction of geologically induced wellbore stability events and forms the cornerstone of Geopro's commitment to drilling assurance and drilling risk mitigation.

MRS™STAR Solutions

  • Stuck pipe prevention
  • Reduction of wiper trips and backreaming
  • Improved hole cleaning
  • Less hole rugosity
  • Better transfer of drilling available weight to bit resulting in improved drilling performance

MRS™STAR Applications

  • Localised torque generation around reamer sleeve
  • Design ensures gradual torque build-up when running into potential tight spots/undergauged hole
  • Rotates due to internal fluid flow through power section
  • Creates not only reaming (up/down) but agitation as well
  • Can be used to completely eliminate/significantly reduce stuck pipe occurrence around a BHA
  • Improves hole cleaning
  • Reduces hole rugosity
  • Improvement in log interpretation
  • Eliminates stick slip and significantly reduces drill string vibrations
  • Can be run anywhere in the drill string
  • Designed to ensure signal distortion from telemetry systems are eliminated

MRS™STAR Product & Data Sheets

MRS STAR 1200.pdf          MRS STAR 825.pdf          GEOPRO - MRS_STAR Product Sheet.pdf          MRS STAR Value.pdf