An effective solution, which seals fractured or vugular formations & severely depleted sands.

Product Specifications

GeoSQUEEZE is a new millennium product, designed to offer effective sealing action to fractured formations, vugular formations and severely depleted sand zones. GeoSQUEEZE will effectively increase the formation integrity and improve the casing seat pressure test values.

GeoSQUEEZE forms a strong seal which is extremely resistant to trip and pressure surge. The seal is formed quicker than conventional L.C.M. products, as the process of dehydration causes the seal to be set and is controlled by the well bore temperature and the column of fluid, which exerts substantial hydrostatic pressure against the GeoSQUEEZE pill.

There are no activators, accelerators or retarders required in the process. All the components required are included in the GeoSQUEEZE package

GeoSQUEEZE is recommended mixed in Drill Water. For quicker and more trouble-free mixing, fresh to slightly brackish drill water is recommended. Sea water to salt water will inhibit the quick dehydration and dewatering effects, and is not recommended.

GeoSQUEEZE is manufactured and supplied to Geopro by Tactictal Oilfield Products