An all out Blitz is what you need as your first response to lost circulation. Your business will continue to lose revenue and our GeoBLITZ solution will help you recover from the losses before they become critical

Product Specifications

GeoBLITZ is a proprietary blend of sealants and bridging agents that are used as a pioneering solution for the first response to lost circulation.

GeoBLITZ is pre-measured and packaged to take the guesswork out of the formulation of initial response lost circulation material pills.

GeoBLITZ utilizes research developed to efficiently bridge and seal exceptionally permeable or over-balanced formations or hydraulically induced fractures.


  • Pre-mixed and packaged
  • Compatible with all fluid systems
  • Mixes in existing fluid
  • Mixes with the rig equipment
  • Eliminates need for multiple LCM products
  • Reduces transportation costs to deliver and return excessive LCM products
  • Saves rig space
  • Minimizes waste
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic
  • Average PSD of 125 micron
  • Use as a sweep or as a squeeze pill

GeoBLITZ is manufactured and supplied by Tactical Oilfield Products