The MPT is designed specifically to help completions, stimulation and workover operations that require a jetting tool to be carried out more efficiently.

Tool Description

GeoproHYDRA™ MPT (multipurpose tools) provide a variety of service applications for well construction and remediation. This low torque, high speed rotary system can be configured for tubular deployment as a reaming tool when running casing, liner and/or completions, can be used as a casing scraper prior to deploying completions or as a high speed, high impact wellbore clean out tool.

The GeoproHYDRA™ PRO MPT system is purposely designed for through tubing, coil tubing or slim-hole wellbore cleanup applications. This tool comes with multiple fixed nozzles on the nose and between the blades on the outer housing.

The GeoproHYDRA™ PRO system sleeves come with laser clad hard-facing and a lipstick nose profile in standard configurations. A reamer nose profile can be provided either as parabolic or tapered, depending on the desired application, and can be further dressed with pressed tungsten carbide inserts or PDC cutters.

All tools for wellbore clean up applications come in the PRO configuration as standard, which means the entire lower section of the tool rotates once circulation is initiated.