GeoproHYDRA™ Tool Family

Low Torque - High Speed Reaming Systems


The GeoproHYDRA™PRO is a high speed casing reaming system/shoe with a limited torque output. It is designed to be a quick replacement for conventional float/guide shoes and to replace the use of mechanical reamer shoe systems that need string rotation to deliver torque to the shoe for reaming. The high speed rotation of the reamer housing improves cement placement on the low side of the hole in high angle wells when displacing cement.


The GeoproHYDRA™ "S" TYPE is designed specifically for larger OD casing (≥13⅜). The shorter profile makes it lighter than it should have been if designed as "PRO" version. "PRO" versions can also be manufactured for these sizes and with the new GEN2 drive mechanism, PRO versions are possible but the advantages of that will only be to improve cement placement in high angle wells.


The MPT is a tool designed specifically to help completions, stimulation and workover operations that require a jetting tool to be carried out more efficiently.


The GEN2 tool comes with a patent pending redesigned drive system that raises the torque output of the first generation tool by as much as 8 times making the GEN2 tool the most versatile hydraulically actuated reamer shoe system in the industry.