GeoGLIDER™XTREME centralizers

GeoGLIDER™XTREME centralizers

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME is a simple engineering solution that enables rig crews successfully run casing, liners or completions to objective depth every time.

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME, as the name suggests, is designed for the most extreme wellbore conditions. In designing this centralizer our main objective was to reduce footprint within the wellbore.

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME comes as a 3-bladed profile in all sizes. The three blades form a 360 degrees circumferential coverage around the centralizer. On each blade there is a designated contact area that ranges between 1 in2 - 1.62 in2. Which means that the maximum contact area is less than 5 in2. This results in significantly lower frictional losses compared to any of the competitive centralizers in the industry.

The three contact points/areas are offset from the centre of the centralizer. This feature results in a much smaller cross-sectional diameter without jeopardizing effective stand-off. The offset touch point feature is one of a kind and unique to the GeoGLIDER™XTREME centralizers.

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME can be formed or forged from steel (GeoGLIDER™XTREME HD), Aluminium (GeoGLIDER™XTREME), Aluminium with Teflon coating (GeoGLIDER™XTREME PRO) and Composite with Teflon (GeoGLIDER™XTREME Lite).

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME Lite in a recent high angle well deployed the casing with friction factors as low as 0.05. This friction factor was back calculated from tripping load data for a 7 inch long string casing run. 

The GeoGLIDER™XTREME Lite has saved customers in the Murmansk region of Russia millions of US$ and continues to deliver value.