Introducing the GeoproHYDRA™ GEN3 system with our GEN2X drive mechanism

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30 Sep

The GEN3 system comes with a redesigned blade and reamer housing for improved efficiency. This design provides 20% increased flow by area compared to the spiral bladed profile of the GEN2 tool but retains the aggressiveness of the cutting structure. 

The nose profile can be slick (bullnose design) or retain the same aggressiveness as the current tool. 

The GEN3 features our fully customisable GEN2X drive mechanism which went into production in January 2019, offering  customers  the flexibility to customize the GeoproHYDRA™ system to suite an almost infinitesimal variety of operational requirements. Recent testing of the 5-1/2 GEN3 tool with GEN2X 6/7 drive configuration showed significant improvement from the previous tool. Initialisation was achieved at 20 gpm for a tool with < 8” maximum OD and 25 gpm for the tool with 8-1/4” OD. Both systems achieved > 2000 rpm at 130 gpm and between 4500 and 4000 rpm respectively at 170 gpm.

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The GeoproHYDRA™ Team!

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