Specially configured LCM tolerant 7 inch GeoproHYDRA nGX deployment in South East Asia

A client in South East Asia requested a 7 inch GeoproHYDRA nGX scalable hydraulically actuated reamer shoe system tolerant to loss circulation material with up to 3 mm fibrous particle size. The 8-1/2" hole was drilled off a slot recover borehole from the base of the 9-5/8" casing at 1300 feet and 26 deg inclination, build and turning the well to section TD at 12365' and 90.50 degrees. The 8-1/2" hole section had an azimuthal turn of up to 58 degrees. While running the 7 inch liner losses were encountered and as designed a 20 bbl of Tiger blend fibrous LCM with a concentration of 30 pub was displaced through the string and the GeoproHYDRA nGX. The 7 inch liner was successfully landed at depth and cemented in place.

GeoproHYDRA improves cement placement quality in high angle / horizontal wells

GeoproHYDRA Trial Well Deployment in Siberia

This summarises the trialing of the GeoproHYDRA across 10 wells in a field in SW Siberia. The 7" GeoproHYDRA was subjected to excessively high WOB and in one of the wells over 700 gpm circulating rate and several tons of weight was applied to the 7" long sting. This well used the Gen1 , Gen1.9 and the Gen2x configurations with excellent results. All 7" strings were landed successfully and in the only single borehole where the GeoproHYDRA wasn't able to ream through the onstruction, the customer was also unable to ream through with a drilling BHA and had to sidetrack. The sidetrack was successfully landed using a combination of the GeoproHYDRA reamer shoe and the GeoGLIDER XTREME centralizer

Robustness of the GeoproHYDRA

This client in SW Siberia was trialing the GeoproHYDRA. This was the first of 10 wells. A 1st generation GeoproHYDRA with an aluminium eccentric nose and no cutting structure was used to deploy a long string 7" casing to subject depth. Customer was concerned about the coal seam in the last 170m of the hole section prior to the landing point at horizontal. However, the over 7000' of openhole section below the 9-5/8" casing proved to be more challenging. In the exact words of the customer :" we are redrilling the well" proved to be apt as the GeoproHYDRA was used to successfully land the string after over 7 days of operation with circulating rates in excess of 400 gpm and maximum applied surface weight on the string in excess of 49 tonnes.

Deploying 9-5/8" casing with clamps and external data cable in high angle well

This customer in South East Asia needed to run data cables external to the casing. The 9-5/8" G3 GeoproHYDRA was specially designed to optimally operate at +/- 250 gpm. Casing was successfully run and landed to objective depth and cemented.