Murmansk Region

The customer was operating off two pads with different general contractors responsible for delivering wells on each of this pads. In some wells they had been unable to run the 7 inch long string to TD and had even adopted reamer shoes in an attempt to get the casing to desired depth. Prior to deploying the GeoGLIDER XTREME centralizers in their wells the semi-rigid and single piece centralizers were seen to be broken leading to stuck pipe incidents sometimes. The average cost of recovery was about $1m where a stuck pipe incident did not arise due to the broken centralizers and up to $3.5m where otherwise.

West Siberia

10 Wells GeoGLIDER XTREME Trial

GeoGLIDER XTREME was deployed in 10 wells in Siberia for a customer as part of the GeoproHYDRA 7 inch (178 mm) casing deployment through very difficult geological terrain with extensive shale columns in excess of 6000 feet in the open hole and 550 feet of coal seam as cap rock just above the landing point into the horizontal drain. The back calculated friction factors were dependent on centralizer spacing as well as other centralizers used in the string but the GeoGLIDER XTREME friction factors ranged from 0.2 to as low as 0.05 which was repeated a few times.