Client in South West Nigeria sees improvement in cement quality across shoe track at landing point (horizontal)

A 7 inch GeoproHYDRA™ 3rd Generation tool with  1G7 drive system configuration was deployed in a designer (pregnant lady) sidetrack well in 8 1/2" hole for a customer in the Niger Delta of Nigeria. The customer was concerned about the tortuous nature of the borehole and ran the 7" GeoproHYDRA™ as part of their risk mitigation plan.

The 7” GeoproHYDRA™ was made up to the shoe track and tested at surface to 150 gpm flow rate and pressure was recorded for reference. This was done to establish the operating envelope since the pressure drop rating on the liner hanger was 600 psi (standard) and 800 psi as the absolute maximum.

The liner string consisted of an 80 feet shoe track with the landing collar at +/- 120 feet from the shoe. The entire liner string was over 5500 feet long. The sidetrack window was through the 9 5/8” casing string at 6000 feet with a near vertical inclination. The final inclination at the landing point was over 88° (near horizontal).

The wellbore was slick and no reaming was required, however, due to losses while cementing the liner the customer decided to dress cement in the shoe track down to the top of the GeoproHYDRA™ to evaluate the quality of cement behind the liner. The cement quality showed better cement across the shoe track than anywhere else across behind the 7 inch liner, providing first hand evidence of the cement enhancement feature of the GeoproHYDRA™. In the past, Geopro has always claimed that our high-speed reamer shoe, the GeoproHYDRA™ was designed to enhance cement placement quality in highly inclined boreholes as the high speed rotation is expected to mimic string rotation while cementing and also create a cyclone-like fluid flux effect in the borehole that will improve cement deposition and placement. Circulating pressures were low throughout the operation.