The tool consists of a motor-stator design to operate in the toughest of conditions. The reamer is self-torque-generating and can replace conventional stabilizers, giving drillers the ability to continuously ream in and out of the wellbore without string rotation. This family of tools should enable drilling teams to ream in and out of hole without string rotation, making it ideal for tight spots, hole pack-offs, swelling shales and all manner of wellbore instability-related issues. Due to its internal power generation, this tool will contribute less torque to the string in drilling mode that regular reamers or stabilizers. String rotation can be used to increase the available torque at the STAR for rock destruction and deformation. Due to its offset dynamics and harmonics, the tool is expected to reduce stick/slip or drillstring vibrations. The reamer is bored in the center to ensure better signal transfer for telemetry systems that communicate using the internal fl uid medium in the drillstring.

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