About Us

Since 2009 Geopro has been providing products and solutions to E&P drilling and completion operations around the globe.

Our technologies are designed to a high specification to meet particular well bore challenges. Results from the field match these design factors providing engineering verification.

The GeoGLIDER XTREME centralizer has been used in some of the most challenging conditions across oil and gas fields where those commonly regarded as industry standard have failed or simply not provided the needed solution. Where drilling crews are unsuccessful or have a poor record of successfully deploying tubulars, the GeoGLIDER XTREME centralizers provide much needed solutions. The GeoGLIDER XTREME Lite thermoplastic variant of the GeoGLIDER XTREME centralizer produces friction factors as low as 0.05 in high angle, horizontal wells, which in itself is an industry record, ensuring more string weight is available when running in hole due to lower frictional losses.

The GeoproHYDRA, our ultra high speed tubular deployment system has been completely redesigned for better performance and efficiency. With a new reamer housing, nose profile and enhanced cutting structure, the GeoproHYDRA provides more seamless reaming capabilities. The configurable drive mechanism now offers the ability for low-to-high flow, medium-to-high loss circulation material concentrations configurations. Furthermore, the tool continues to rotate during cementing operations ensuring less dependence or requirement for string rotation.