2021 looks promising for the oil industry with less volatility in oil and gas prices which should drive more commitment to exploration and development efforts. Geopro intends to partner with E&P and service companies, all around the globe to continue to drive value and push operational efficiency to new levels.

This year we intend to help tackle the drilling with casing initiative with our DRILFix casing motors and bespoke CASEPro casing bits. The DRILFix is what you previously knew as the MRS.

Furthermore, we intend to pursue the STAR initiative which was borne out of our desire to provide customers with a robust engineering solution for tubular deployment which is also equally beneficial in drilling with the industry's first active in-situ hydraulically powered stabilizer, now rebranded as REACTv Sub. In the REACTv Sub all the benefits of the Stabilized Accentuated Reamer (STAR) are realised and then some. We believe this tool will significantly advance drilling performance.

We at Geopro, are completely committed to crating value through simple innovative solutions. This has been at the very core of our business.. "in constant pursuit of quantifiable value"!!

Speak to us today about your well delivery objectives. You will be left in no doubt of our originality. With several decades of well engineering behind us, you will soon realise there is a big difference between the "original" and the copycats. Geopro solutions are as original as they are unique.